Small Back Training Tweaks for Big Results

Small Back Training Tweaks for Big Results

Headed into the gym for back day? If you want to develop a remarkable back, it’s important to not only focus on lifting as much weight as you possibly can, but in addition to that, using the absolute best form in each and every exercise you do.

When it comes to back training, how you execute the exercise can make a world of difference. All it often takes is one small adjustment to how you’re forming any given movement to start feeling much better results.

Likewise, if you seem to have hit a progress plateau, changing up one small element could get you back on track to seeing maximum results.

Let’s go over a few small adjustments that you can make next back day that could lead to superior results.

Try A Thumbless Grip On Bent Over Rows

Next time you’re about to do a set of single arm bent over rows, consider using a thumbless grip instead. Now, you may not lift as much weight gripping the dumbbell like this, but most people will find that it gives them a much greater mind-muscle connection to the muscles in the back.

Think of pulling the weight up through the mid-back, pausing at the top of the exercise briefly for increased tension on the muscle.

Alternate Between Narrow And Wide Grip

Another small exercise tweak that can lead to superior results is adjusting your overall grip pattern on the bar. For instance, if you use a wide grip pattern when doing your pull-ups, you’re primarily going to be working the lat muscles in the body.

In contrast, if you use a narrow grip pattern, you can count on instead putting more focus and attention on the mid-back muscles, sculpting the shape of your inner back.

Ideally, you’ll want to be sure that you are doing a few sets of each grip pattern over the course of your workout week to target the back from all angles.

Your back is such a major part of the body to train and the more angles you can hit it from, the better off you’ll be.

Create A ‘J’ Pattern Of Movement As You Row Back

Think about the last time you performed a bent over single arm row. When doing the movement pattern, did you pull the dumbbell straight upwards toward the ceiling?

If so, you may not be getting as much as you could from this exercise. Instead, you should focus on making a ‘J’ shape with the dumbbell, pulling the weight back and up. This simple shift in the movement pattern of the dumbbell can lead to much greater muscle activation and therefore results.

It may also help to reduce your reliance on using momentum to carry you through the exercise.

Lighten Up Your Load

Finally, the last tip to help get more from your back day is to lighten up your load. While this may seem counterintuitive as most people believe that adding more weight is the secret of success, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Lightening up your weight lifted can help you achieve greater mind-muscle activation, which then allows you to exhaust more of the muscle fibers in the target muscle.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t include your heavy weight sets, but consider dropping the weight for the last couple sets of a given exercise and focusing instead on really feeling the movement and the muscle fibers contracting through the movement.

A lot of technique is involved in making sure you hit your back properly on back day. By using these techniques, you’ll be making the most of what each exercise has to offer.   

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