Why did you decide to do this Muscle Building Trainer, what was that ‘AHA’ moment?

I decided to do this Muscle Building Trainer because I wanted to add lean muscle mass and this challenge presented an opportunity to compete against others with similar goals. Knowing that I was competing against potentially thousands of other people provided extra motivation to never miss a workout, cardio session, or meal.


Why did you choose Kris’s Muscle Building Trainer over other programs?

I’ve completed most of the other trainers that are available on and each one has produced noticeable results while teaching me new lifts, grip positions, and training principles (DTP, pause-rest, etc.). I used to create my own 6 to 10 week training programs, so finding these free trainers has saved me time while producing better results.


What Kaged Muscle supplements did you take while doing this trainer?





Amino Synergy

Micropure Whey Protein Isolate


Which Kaged Muscle supplements that you used in the program were your favorite and why? 

My favorite is PRE-KAGED. PRE-KAGED is different from other pre-workouts I’ve used because it doesn’t have a jittery effect, delivers effective amounts of BCAAs and creatine, and has a variety of naturally flavored options.

Can you provide us with a 1-day sample of the diet you personally followed? 

Wake-Up: Protein bar, banana

Breakfast: Egg-white omelet with ham and mushrooms

Workout: Kaged Muscle PIP Stack 

Snack: Almonds

Lunch: Buffalo grilled chicken, brown rice, broccoli 

Snack: Plain nonfat Greek yogurt with Micropure Whey Isolate and granola

Dinner: Salmon, asparagus, berries


What is the best piece of advice Kris provided you with during the program?

There is a lot of great advice by Kris to keep you motivated during the program, but I don’t think I could have done it without following his guidance for recovery. Sleep, stretching, and proper supplementation are critical since this program requires some form of activity every day.


What aspects of the trainer challenged you the most?

I enjoy lifting weights, but committing to cardio every day was the most challenging part for me. Even though most of the cardio sessions were only 15 minutes during this program, it is so tempting to pack up and leave when the weight training is complete. But ultimately, I knew that it had to be done to reduce my body fat percentages to where I wanted them.


What is your advice for others wanting to do this program? 

Once you commit to doing this program, approach every workout with intensity and trust the process. If you just show up and go through the motions, your results will reflect that. By strictly following Kris’s instructions provided in the videos and reaching true failure in every set, success is inevitable. But noticeable results will take some time and that’s why you have to believe in what you are doing and trust the process.


What are the top 3 gym music tracks you listened to most during the trainer? 

I think I’m unique when it comes to music selection in the gym, because I prefer to listen to motivational speeches I find on YouTube. When I’m not listening to that, it’s usually fast rap such as NF or Ekoh.


What tactics helped you overcome roadblocks in regards to family, social gatherings, diet, workout, and career during this trainer? 

Between my wife, parents, and in-laws I have a great support team who constantly had my back. Yet as a father of two young kids, I had to make a lot of personal sacrifices during this trainer. My commitment was tested during this program when my 15-month-old son had two neck surgeries requiring extensive hospital visits. I decided that I would sacrifice sleep so that I could be present at the hospital when it mattered. I located a gym nearby the hospital and as soon as everyone else went to sleep for the night (ranging anywhere from 7 PM to 3 AM), I would sneak out quietly to get the work in.


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