When did you decide to do the 8-week Hardcore Trainer?  What was that aha moment?

I have followed Kris Gethin and his programs closely since his days. In early 2017, I looked at my current state of health and was not proud of how I’d spent my previous 6 months neglecting my health. I was hitting the gym off and on but completely missing the point of being there.  Then Kris dropped this new trainer. I decided for the betterment of my overall state of health and well-being to completely and utterly crush this particular transformation, get in the best shape of my life, and prove to Kris, the world, and most importantly myself that I had the discipline for the best results possible.


Why did you choose Kris’s 8-Week Hardcore Trainer over other programs?

I’d followed Kris through a variety of up and down battles in my own life from his days at I found it fascinating to see this guy deliver such a positive image that radiated much from his “no excuses” attitude not only in the gym but through every facet of his life. This particular 8-Week Hardcore Trainer, when Kris said he’d designed this trainer as “the most extreme transformation in the world,” I knew he wasn’t bullshitting and it would deliver.



What Kaged Muscle supplements did you take while doing this trainer?

I followed the program almost to a T. Kaged Muscle PRE-KAGED, IN-KAGED, Kasein, Hydra-charge, BCAAs, and Clean Burn were all a part of my daily regimen, as directed.


Which Kaged Muscle supplements that you used in the program were your favorite and why?

PRE-KAGED. It helped give me the mental fortitude and focus to keep pushing through each workout even if I felt I didn’t want to finish at times. I’d used other pre-workouts, and all of them were tiny scoops that likely provided me nothing beyond the quick spike in caffeine followed by a crash. That simply does not take place with PRE-KAGED. Honestly, if you want the best possible results, just follow the supplementation plan as provided for the extra 5% of results that truly impress at the end. I like knowing what’s in my products and KM products are amongst the most transparent on the market.


Can you provide us with a 1-day sample of the diet you personally followed?

Meal 1: Egg whites, egg yolks, oatmeal, spinach

Meal 2: Chicken breast, sweet potato, spinach

Meal 3: Albacore Tuna, sweet potato, peppers

Meal 4:  Egg whites, oatmeal, peppers

Post Workout: Protein shake

Meal 6: Chicken breast, mixed vegetables,

Meal 7: Cottage cheese, Greek Yogurt, or Kasein (to complete macros for the day)


What is the best piece of advice Kris provided you with during the 8-Week Hardcore Trainer program?

Just watch the Program Overview video, it sends shivers down me still to get me pumped up. His best piece of advice in the trainer is, “You don’t have time to screw around. I won’t screw you around if you don’t screw me around. And we will together get the best possible results over the next 8 weeks.”  My familiarity with Kris’s previous programs, I knew he was looking to be completely transparent and provide me the best possibility of success and the results I desired if I simply replicated what he did with absolute intensity.


What aspects of the trainer challenged you the most?

I enjoy the time sweating in the gym and lifting weights. I find it therapeutic. Step in the door, throw on the headphones, tune out the world, and get to work. Cardio is a whole different beast. When you reach weeks 7 and 8, and you’re doing 50-55 mins of cardio in a session twice per day in addition to your workout somewhere in-between and down to your lowest level of carb macros to make that final push, everything in your brain is asking you why? And your will alone is what drives you to the finish.


What is your advice to others wanting to do this program?

If you look in the mirror and want to see the best results possible, then stop making excuses and listen to the knowledge Kris provides with years of experience. He can give you a shortcut to the best physical level of your life if you make the sacrifices, possess the desire, and stop making excuses.


What are the top three music tracks you listened to most during the trainer?

Amon Amarth – “The Way of Vikings”

Machine Head – “I am Hell”

Wounded Duck – “Epic Music Mix” (Youtube)


What tactics helped you overcome roadblocks in regard to family, social gatherings, diet, workout, and career during this trainer?

You don’t have to be a hermit, but it would be a lie if I said it was always easy. The diet is probably the most difficult. You just need to surround yourself with people that are positive influences and support your decision to commit to something like this. It is a huge commitment that will require you to make sacrifices if you want to see the best possible results. You’re working on a short time period at the end of the day.


Have you done any other Kaged Muscle Trainers, either Kris Gethin’s or other athletes? If so, which ones?

I’ve most recently completed Kris Gethin’s 4weeks2Shred and 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer, in addition to just about every other trainer he’s provided over the years. This particular trainer completed in 2017 was my best efforts and my absolute best results. Watching the intro has me wanting to make another transformation. The 8-week was the most encompassing, full-bodied, and complete transformation at the end of the day that I’ve completed to date. Thanks go out to Kris for sharing with me what he’s learned in his bodybuilding career as well in life so that I may apply it in my own. He’s been a positive influence and force.

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