Why did you decide to do this Muscle Building Trainer, what was that ‘AHA’ moment?

I have been following Kris for a while and I came across this program a few days before the cut-off point. I thought to myself, I'm going to give this program a go as it seems like a challenge—and that it was!

Why did you choose Kris’ Muscle Building Trainer over other programs?

I chose Kris’s 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer because I really like his approach to training and his knowledge.



What Kaged Muscle supplements did you take while doing this trainer?

Pre-Kaged, Kasein, and the fermented Glutamine were a few of my go-to products for this trainer.


Can you provide us with a 1-day sample of the diet you personally followed?

Morning: Whole egg, egg whites, and asparagus

Mid-morning snack: Nuts and seeds

Lunch: Chicken, salad, and avocado

Post Workout: Protein shake

Dinner: Chicken, sweet potato, and vegetables

Bed-time snack: Kasein 

What is the best piece of advice Kris provided you with during the program?

Keep fueling your body, keep taking your supplements, and get plenty of rest!


What aspects of the trainer challenged you most?

I found the cardio sessions after the intense workouts to be the most challenging part of the program.


What is your advice for others wanting to do this program?

Be prepared. It’s a tough but rewarding challenge, so get your foods and supplements ready, and make sure you prep for the week ahead so you don't slip up.  

What are the top 3 gym music tracks you listened to most during the trainer?

My music selection varied but I had three go-to songs to help get me pumped up during my workouts: Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People, ACDC’s Thunder Struck, and Eminem’s Lose Yourself.


What tactics helped you overcome roadblocks in regards to family, social gatherings, diet, workout and career during this trainer?

Mainly preparation. I took my prepped foods to work with me and while out visiting family.


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